Go for 'Nude lips' the natural color for lips

A natural lipliner .. beautiful and permanent.
Your natural lip line is redrawn. I correct assymetries, irregularities such as pigment loss, white spots on the lips (hypopigmentation). The mouth may be increased slightly for a nice symmetrical shape to the mouth. Here, full lips is then recommended for a harmonious result in color and shape.

The natural color of permanent full lips are chosen based on your natural lip color.
The result is approximately 2 years.

Permanent lipliner

  • specifies the natural lip line
  • combined with relief = a shadow effect at the mouth
  • nicely be complemented by a nude lip color = full lips

Full lips

  • ensures a uniform lipcolor over the entire mouth
  • camouflages or covers blemishes such as moles, white spots, vitiligo like hypopigmentation on the lips
  • enlarges slightly upper lip, lower lip
  • brightens your whole mouth in a natural color, or in your favorite lipstick color