Master classes for perfection

The activity permanent makeup (permanent make up is considered as tattooing by the Belgian Royal Decree of 25.11.2005) is a fascinating profession which claims lots of patience, but can give you great satisfaction.
The attractive features such as eyes, eyebrows and lips of women and men can indeed subtly emphasized.

Micro pigmentation, also called medical tattooing, dermalpigmentation, is a challenging activity in which an areola @ nipple complex redraws in color harmony and symmetry.
Scars can be covered, camouflaged. By micro-pigmentation hypopigmentation, vitiligo and other injuries are properly camouflaged.

The high (hygiene) standards to engage in permanent make-up/micropigmentation be observed during training and are imposed on all students.

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by the Federal Public Health Service FPS, is for every professional in permanent makeup, microblading,tattoo. This is a guarantee that the professional works hygienically. In addition, these appropriate measures limit further spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus. It is not unlikely, after Corona times, that you will choose a professional who has followed and passed the exams of this hygiene course.

Since you consider a Master class, it is obvious taht you have followed and passed the mandatory hygienic course.

Students should know when they leave the course, a lot of time and patience they are asked to exercise the art of permanent make-up under the master.
Permanent makeup will pursue an art.

You have experience and you are looking for ongoing specialisation training and/or perfection in permanent make up/micropigmentation 
Please find here the options, rates and schedule for advanced classes. Per class: maximum 1 student. 

You want a professional training with the intention to work efficiently and properly afterwards.
Schedule 10-1630 hrs

  • Morning:
    Theory: Hygiene and safety: legislation KB 25/11/2005 , personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfecting, sterilization, hygiene code Bhql (April 2003) The Belgian Hygienic Quality label, cross contamination, color theory: determine undertone, chromatic color wheel, choosing appropriate pigment
    Aftercare instructions, side effects, evaluation and follow-up
  • Techniques: new technology
  • Afternoon: Question and answer, practice model
    Evaluation & Follow-up

Advanced courses, specialized training

Training possibilities
price per Master classe/specialisation/per training
full lips/coloring lips full mouth 975 €
areola and nipple correction pigmentation 975 €
color and shape corrections 
of already done permanent make up
975 €
camouflage scar cover 975 €

Perfection - master
Price on request only
A preliminary meeting is paramount so that I can assess your professional level. The rate is according to your personal preference, your needs, desires, actual problems. 
These custom made individual training is for specialists who master all the specialties, that seek and search for perfection with an enthusiastic hand. For specialists who have experience for quite some time, minimum 6 years with almost full-time experience (not 1 x/month occasionally).

Training conditions

    • You provide models. If you do not provide sufficient models during classes, no additional practice will be provided.
    • You will do the touch-ups of the models after the classes, training (four weeks after each treatment)
    • Timetable 10h00 - 16h30 - 1 hour lunch break. Lunch is not included

Terms of payment
When registering for a course, a deposit of 600 € per choice has to be paid.
This deposit is deducted from the total course fee. The deposit automatically confirms the course. Cancellation must be made, written and registered 14 days before the start of the course. Refund of deposits will not be done.
The remaining amount is paid before the start of the training. Invoice and certificate will be delivered at the end of the full course.
Modules and prices are valid until further notification, excluding tax vat of 21%.